Cars we Buy

A lot of buyers are picky and hard to convince. At Cash for Junk Cars Santa Barbara, we see value in any vehicle, and we will buy any car, truck, or SUV in any condition. We’re not going to hassle you over a tiny scratch on the side panel, we’re not going to give you grief about a burn mark in the seat, we’re going to let you describe your vehicle to us, and then we’re going to make an honest and fair offer. We buy junk and scrap cars even, so don’t think there is any chance that we won’t buy your car. In case you need a little encouragement though, here are some examples of some of the cars you might think we wouldn’t buy, but that we definitely would!

  • Your grandpa’s old ‘67 Corvette, a beautiful beast in its day. Still a force to be reckoned with, yet maybe it’s seen better days. It’s been sitting in his garage for 30 years untouched, and it’s probably never going to drive again. We would be thrilled to make an offer, and even come remove it for you at no extra cost!
  • Your college 4-door Ford, sturdy and durable, but you’ve put it through quite a lot. This one is gonna need a lot of work, both on the inside and out. Every time you’ve shown this to a potential buyer they’ve just shook their head awkwardly and said it wasn’t a good match for them. It’s a perfect match for us!
  • Your scrap car that has been torn apart, never to be reassembled. This car will never drive again, but we will recycle it for you! Don’t waste your time and effort, not to mention hard earned money, we’ll do it for free, and leave you with some cash!
  • Your rusted out junk car sitting in a field beside your house. It’s ugly, and an environmental hazard. We will come remove it, at no extra cost of course, and pay you for it!

    So you can see that we meant it when we said we would buy any car, truck, or SUV, in absolutely any condition. We’ve made the process easy and convenient for you to use, and we are fair and honest in business, always offering you the best deal. So give us a call now at (805) 421-4777 to get your free quote and offer, no strings attached!