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At Cash for Junk Cars Santa Barbara, we love junk cars so much that we even added them in our name! If you’re worried that your junk car is too junky, you’ve come to the right place! We don’t fret over the details, we buy any vehicle in any condition, and that same motto goes for junk cars. Any junk car in any condition. We’re so dedicated to buying your junk car that we provide an entire removal and towing, easy and convenient, cash yielding process with you in mind! You can call us at (805) 421-4777 and we’ll tell you exactly how much your car is worth, or you can read some examples below that will give you an idea of how serious we are when it comes to buying junk cars.


Even if your junk car is entirely rusted out, worn and ruined, old and tired, we will make you an offer and come remove it for you. Remember, these cars can, in addition to being tremendous eyesores, be environmental hazards and create unsafe places for children and wildlife.


Maybe your car was used for its parts, and there’s barely anything left in it. You’re certain it has no value, and even more you’re certain that it’s going to cost you a fortune to get it removed. You’d be wrong, because not only will removal be entirely free, you’ll get some cash for it!


The vehicle in question has been entirely wrecked, and can’t ever be used again. Recycling it might yield a few dollars, but just getting it there will be a time consuming, expensive hassle. You need those people who come pick it up for free; that’s us! The only difference is we’ll even pay you for it!

So as you can see above, even if your car is wrecked, scrapped, or just plain junk, we will make you a reasonable and honest offer! We don’t shy away from the worst of the worst, those are our favorite! And you know we offer the easiest, most convenient at-your-door service when it comes to buying any car, truck, or SUV, no matter what condition it’s in. So, unless you can think of a really good reason why you don’t even need to at least get a free quote and offer, you might as well give us a call at (805) 421-4777 now and we’ll figure it out together!